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Group Companies


     Since 1979, BATU Group, has established various companies in different sectors continuing his own commercial traditions. We have the incorporation and limited liability companies listed below with high capacity management and technical teams. 

BATU Construction Inc.

Incorporated in 1991, Batu Construction Inc. is specialized on constructing housing, residence, infrastructure, office, school, commercial-service buildings, market chains, bank branches, special production plant, precasted buildings, steel-structured buildings. In 1997, education is added to business areas where we persue value added. We created 21. Century Private schools in primary and secondary education.


Since 1989, Yapı Endüstri Sanat Merkezi has developed lots of architectural designs and projects and joined BATU Group in 1991. Yapı Endüstri Sanat Merkezi gives archictural design services to BATU Construction Inc in his subcontracting projects. He prepares the design projects of the constructions, gives advice on determining and application of the building technologies to be used in constructions. In 2013, Yapı Endüstri Sanat Merkezi has changed his name as YESM Architecure and improved his staff with talented architectures and specialists in order to conduct Urban Transformation Housing projects. The being user-oriented is our mainstream in workstyle.



  Kalkım Inc. is establised on Canakkale forestry production plant in west of Marmara Region which is procured with a tender from Turkish Privatization Agency in 1997.  Kalkım Inc, has a 12.000 m2 building in an widespreaded 400.000 sqm at world's famous IDA Mountains. The wood logs imported from Russia and Ukraine are cut and timbers produced are traded all over the country. Kalkım provides high quality timbers for BATU Construction Inc. and for private housing or villa projects we provide wooden parts needed.


Established in 2012, FIL Media has procuded various TV programs for TV channels like BLOOMBERG, HABERTURK, KANAL D. Besides TV programs, FIL Medya has several movie films production projects.


Established within BATU GROUP in 2013, KAID Real Estate, is developing real estate projects in world leading cities such as Istanbul, Dubai etc. KAID is also investing in commercial and residential projects developed by BATU Construction Inc.

   Established in 2007 in ANKARA, capital city of Turkey, KALKIM Energy is prepared several Hydroelectric Energy Production Projects (HES Projects), secured financial funds and constructing it. KALKIM Energy, has produced several Wind Energy Production projects in Turkey.

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