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Adult Education Course
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Education  & eduTECH

What we provide for our partners is the experienced intelligence; not only presenting the infrastructure of globally valid and recognized network of services but also giving the full support for implementation of systems and transferring know-how as sensitive requirements vital and indispensable.


  • Publishment

  • Assessment & Measurement

  • Curriculum design

  • Educational Technologies

  • Distance Learning

  • Workshop / Summits

All About

Our Corporate Business Principles prescribe certain values and principles which GT has committed to worldwide. This Code of Business Conduct specifies and helps the continued implementation of the Corporate Business Principles by establishing certain nonnegotiable minimum standards of behaviour in key areas. The nature of this Code is not meant to cover all possible situations that may occur. It is designed to provide a frame of reference against which to measure any activities. it is the ultimate responsibility of each employee to “do the right thing”, a responsibility that cannot be delegated.

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